CLI tool (written in Go) that allows to have multiple profiles of Git committer information (i.e., name & email address). You can then configure on a per-project basis which of these profiles to use.


Bot that allows you to have asynchronous standup meeting via Slack DM. Standups are formatted and posted to a status channel for team members and managers to see. Every user can configure his standup time independently.

  • Meetup presentation
  • Written in Elixir using OTP
  • Deployed to multiple Slack workspaces and in active use every day

Multiplayer TicTacToe

Written in Elm and using Phoenix Channels ❤️

Game of Life

Written in Elm ❤️

  • Implements Conway’s Game of Life
  • Taught me quite a bit about encapsulation in Elm modules and how to represent the current Game state as Elm types
  • Source code available on Github


Experiment while checking out Node.js

  • Integrates with the Wunderlist API
  • Fetches Recipes from Chefkoch
  • Parses ingredients (Chefkoch does not offer an open API, unfortunately)
  • Allows selecting and editing ingredients to insert into Wunderlist