Hey! 👋🏻

My name is Jan, I recently finished up my Masters Degree in Business Information Systems at TU Darmstadt. I’ve been writing software for quite some time, did 6ish years of Ruby working while studying. Got into functional programming since it fits my approach to problem solving and seems to keep complexity at bay, mostly. For the last 2 years, I have been writing a lot of Elixir on my job and multiple side projects.

The operational side of software and making things work really well when the rubber hits the road is very enjoyable to me. I’m also sort of a performance nerd in that way, I love benchmarking and optimizing.

During my studies I touched a lot of networking technology and I’m really interested in Distributed Systems, how they operate and thinking through the cases where things can go wrong.

Currently, I’m working and learning alongside the great people of Grandcentrix part-time while freelancing on the side. Starting from September 2019, I’ll be working as a Site Reliability Engineer at Google in Zurich.

Drop me a mail if you think we should have a chat!

Also my CV is here (or you can find it in the navigation bar).